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Restored Apple iPhone 12 Pro 512GB Fully Unlocked Silver (Refurbished)


12 in stock (can be backordered)

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    Product works and looks like new:
    This restored product has been professionally inspected, cleaned and tested by Walmart performance managed seller/supplier. The product may not be manufacture certified but comes with a 90 Day return backed by Walmart.
    Restored product is from qualified suppliers and sellers

    Restored Program-Qualified Sellers and Suppliers

    Top rated performance managed sellers and suppliers.
    Restored product is cleaned,inspected and vertified

    Inspected, Tested and Cleaned

    These products are professionally inspected, tested and cleaned by Restored Program sellers, performance managed by Walmart.
    90 days return policy

    Extended Return

    Backed by 90-day free return to enable shopping with confidence.

    Sustainable restored product


    Assist in extending the lifetime of a product and reducing waste.

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